English 10

  • English 10 will enable students to become skilled readers of a wide range of literature, including prose, poetry,short stories, and articles. Students are expected to read and respond to a variety of literature, independently, in group discussions and in writing. All facets of language arts - listening, speaking, reading, and writing will be covered.

    Honors English 10 is the advanced section of English 10 for sophomore students. Honors English 10 follows the same curriculum as English 10, but includes higher standards, more rigor, and more independent work. Honors English 10 is designed to challenge students who excell in reading, writing, and speaking. The units in English 10 include fiction, nonfiction, novel, drama, folk literature, and poetry, and they mainly focus on the concentrated study and analysis of short stories. Students will learn to develop their reading, writing, and analyzing skills through work in and out of the classroom. Honors English 10 helps prepare students for the rigor of AP English in their junior year of high school. 

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