• All cadets will learn from the same curriculum, regardless of what period they have AFJROTC.  Our curriculum consists of 40% Aerospace Science, 40% Leadership Education and 20% Physical Training.

    This year's AFJROTC cadets will study the following:

    Exploring Space (Aerospace Science):  An introductory course that focuses on how airplanes fly, how weather conditions affect flight, flight and the human bldy, and flight navigation.

    Fundamentals of Management (Leadership Education): Desiged to prepare cadets for life after high school in the high-tech, globally oriented, and diverse workplace of the 21st century.

    The Cadet Guide is provided to all cadets to help them navigate their way through the AFJROTC program.  The guide outlines cadet expectations, promotion and ribbon criteria, customs, courtesies, and some general uniform and personal appearance guidelines.  Click on this link CADET GUIDE to review this document.

    The Uniform and Awards Operational Supplement provides details for cadets on how to wear their issued AFJROTC uniform correctly.  This includes personal grooming standards and how to properly place the ranks, ribbons and badges they earn on their uniform.  Click on this link UNIFORM AND AWARDS OPERATIONAL SUPPLEMENT to review this document.

Class Syllabus

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