• Instructor: Mr. Wayne Lemoine

    Room #: 123

    Email: wlemoine@sbps.net or wlemoine@sbbearcats.net

    Availability: 7:15-7:40 AM  3:25-4:00 PM  & 5th and 7th periods (Please arrange with me prior to coming in.)

    Course Materials:  You will need to bring the following items to class EVERYDAY.

    1. Notebook paper and folder or three-ring binder.
    2. A pen, pencil, and eraser. 
    3. Flash drive. Film Students MUST have an SD card to store & keep track of footage.
    4. Any textbook, workbook, or materials checked out to you for this class.
    5. You need to save all of your files/work to your google drive.

    Course Requirements:

    1.  Class participation (Group Projects)

    2.  Completion of all daily work and projects

    3.  Time management

    Conduct and Behavior

    Each student will:

    1. Be respectful of all property.
    2. Act in a safe and mature manner. (Chairs)
    3. Be respectful of the rights and needs of others.
    4. Be responsible for his/her own learning.
    • No cell phones (1 warning then I take your phone for the day. You may reclaim it after school.)
    • Music - Use headphones through computers. No cellphones.
    • Don’t show me your MEMEs. Chances are I’m giving you a courtesy laugh. No one thinks your MEMEs / VINEs are as funny as you do.

     Grading Scale:

    All course work is based on the point system.  All class requirements are given a point value, with assessments (summative) accounting for 70% of the grade and daily work (formative) accounting for 30%. The following is the grade scale based on a percentage of points earned by students.

    A 90% - 100%

    B 80% -   89%

    C 70% -   79%

    D 60% -   69%

    F         59%


    Daily Work:

    Digital Journals (Bell Ringer) are daily work. They are turned in at the end of the period through google classroom. I do not take late Digital Journals. If a student is absent, he/she has two days to turn in missing classwork for full credit.

    Retake Policy on Assessments:

    Students will be allowed to redo any assessment as long as it is done before the next assessments due date.

    Late assessments may be turned in as long as they are turned in before the next assessments due date. If they are not turned in by the next assessments due date they are recorded as a zero. Late assessments receive a deduction of 30%. The grade will continue to decrease for any incorrect/missing work.

    Cheating & Plagiarism:

    Student will receive no credit for cheating or plagiarism.  Disciplinary action will also be taken.

    As a result of taking this class, you should be able to:

    • Work professionally within a design team.
    • Identify numerous design careers which are available.
    • Evaluate designs (your work and others’) for audience, meaning, and effectiveness.
    • Use the elements and principles of design in a decisive fashion.
    • Plan a design project according to a client’s needs.
    • Build a design gradually using thumbnail sketches and mockups.
    • Create attractive layouts that communicate messages effectively.
    • Use color to communicate ideas to others.
    • Use typography effectively in a design.


    IMPORTANT! The last class of the day needs to make sure they power down computers at the end of class by holding the button down on the back of the computer. Cool.


    • Students are advised to visit their Google Classroom site once a day to view new announcements.
    • Students are advised to check email at least once a day to stay up to date on information about classes and assignments.
    • Not knowing the class policies is not an excuse for not following the policies. 
    •  Teachers will not post student work online without student permission.
    • All assignments will be submitted through Google Classroom
    • Technology:
      • Can your teacher help you?
      • For any Chromebook, software, or hardware issue and the student is not at school, submit a ticket online via the web link in the bookmarks of your webpage.
      • If the student is at school, go to the Media Center and submit a ticket via the kiosk computer.
      • If the student is not able to get to the web link or kiosk, email Tammy Harrison at tharrison@sbbearcats.net, or call 308-635-6246 and leave student name, a message, and a return number for Tammy Harrison
    • When students unfairly use materials created by others in e-learning assignments, they are guilty of plagiarism.
      E-Mail Policy


    This section sets forth guidelines for e-mail communication with the teacher. Excessive emails make unreasonable time demands on both the sender and recipient. Please ensure you have a legitimate need before you write. Thanks.


    • Your teacher will answer email about:
      • Questions arising from difficulty in understanding course content.
      • Requests for feedback about graded assignments.
      • Private issues appropriate for discussion within the teacher-student relationship.
    • Your teachers will not answer emails which:
      • Pose questions answered in the course information sections of the course site.
      • Lack a subject line clearly stating the purpose of the email.
      • Raise an inappropriate subject.
    • Your teachers will answer emails received on a given day no later than 3:45 on the next day.


    You are reminded that a policy in the Class Syllabus requires you to read your email every day to assure that you receive course information disseminated by email in a timely fashion.


    Discussion Policy


    • Forums will have a deadline by which time all students must have posted their responses to receive credit for participation.
    • Chats will have a specific time period during which students must participate to receive credit.
    • The teacher will not participate in a discussion prior to the discussion deadline.
    • Within 24 hours, the teacher will review all student responses and post a response as a course announcement.
    • Students will be graded on discussion postings. Points are earned based on quality of responses and compliance with the required number of postings as specified in individual assignment instructions.
    • Individual discussion assignment instructions will indicate the number of points that can be earned on that particular discussion assignment.
    • The points earned by each student on a given discussion will be posted to the online gradebook no later than one week after the discussion ends.
    • Students are expected to focus on the specific topic of the discussion as assigned. The introduction of irrelevant subjects is not allowed. Violators will be asked to leave the discussion and a grade of 0 points will be recorded.
    • All students have a right to express their own opinions in discussions, and every other student must respect this right. Any student posting a comment disrespectful of this right will be asked to leave the discussion, and a grade of 0 will be recorded.
    • “Flaming” is posting abusive or insulting messages. Any student who engages in flaming in a discussion will be subject to discipline measures consistent with the Student Handbook policies.
    • Controlling behavior includes, but is not limited to, attempts to dominate a discussion by posting threads excessively, intentionally changing the discussion topic, or exhibiting an inappropriate or argumentative attitude. Controlling behavior is not permitted. Violators will be asked to leave the discussion and a grade of 0 points will be recorded.
    • Students required to leave a discussion will be notified of this consequence in a private email.

    Assignment Policy


    • Students will submit all assignments electronically via Google Classroom.
    • If there are technical problems with Google Classroom, assignments can be sent to your teacher through email. The subject line MUST include your name, class name, and name of assignment.
    • All assignment due dates refer to midnight MDT on the listed due date. 
    • When technical problems occur and you cannot submit your assignment electronically, send an email to your teacher to explain the difficulty. If you cannot use email, call the school and leave a message for your teacher with a phone number where you can be reached.
    • Your teacher will review assignments within 3 days of the due date and will send you feedback electronically either by email or through comments posted on Google Classroom.
    • Grades on assignments will be posted in the gradebook within 3 days of the due date of the assignment. You must go to Infinite Campus to learn your grade, do not call or email the teacher to find out your grade.
    • If you need to discuss your grade or feedback you received, make an appointment to speak with your teacher. This can be done during office hours or via email.
      Student Code of Conduct Contract


    All students are important members of our class community and have responsibility to themselves, to the teacher, and to their classmates to support and contribute to the class’s learning community. This code of conduct is established to ensure that all students have a clear understanding of the expectations your teacher has regarding your conduct in this class. Please review the following responsibilities and sign in the space below to indicate that you are in agreement. 


    It is the responsibility of each student to:


    • Treat all other students, teachers, and guests with dignity and respect in face-to-face interactions and in electronic communications.
    • Comply with the information technology policies of the Scottsbluff High School.
    • Comply with cheating and plagiarism policies of the SHS and this class. 
    • Participate respectfully in team collaboration, team projects, and professionally in peer reviews.
    • Be self-motivated, self-directed, and exhibit the following behaviors:
      • Be an effective time manager
      • Approach the class with a desire to learn
      • Assume a leadership role when necessary: voluntarily help other students when you have knowledge they don’t have
      • Develop needed technology skills
      • Submit constructive suggestions for course improvements
    • Become familiar with and abide by all:
      • Policy statements in the class syllabus
      • Email
      • Software standards
      • Assignments
      • Attendance
      • Electronic discussions
      • Getting technical help
      • Cheating and plagiarism
      • Intellectual Property Rights and Fair Use Guidelines


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