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Mrs. Sue Herdt



I am so ready to begin this year, 38 for me! I LOVE teaching teenagers; there's really nothing I'd rather do.  

I am excited to begin my 10th year at Scottsbluff High School and my 9th year with CHOICES.  This will be our second year with CHOICES in the main building: I am now in Room 109, and Mr. Brening is next door in Room 111.  Mrs. Liptac is nearby in the counseling office in the morning, and across the hall in the afternoon.  This exposure to all SHS students and staff is absolutely incredible.  I actually like standing out in the hallway in the morning to greet everyone that walks down our hallway.  

I absolutely love school!  I earned my Masters in education and developmental counseling from Chadron State College, and I also acquired my bachelors degrees there, too, in English, Theatre, and Speech.   This year, I'll still be predominantly CHOICES.  I am also teaching two sections of English 10, and I'll be working with Mr. Parsley and the Mock Trial team after school!

Although a teacher is really who I am, I am joyfully a grandma, mom, and wife, too.  I enjoy life -- truly, I do and gratefully so. I like shopping, baking, going to auctions, and riding my Harley.  

Students, please know that I am honored to be your teacher.  I like spending my days with you.  I look forward to getting to know you and your passions.  It will be an adventure to discover your traits and develop your skills as you become your best selves.  Thank you for coming in ready to learn and grow and become!

Parents, please know that your children are already amazing.  I believe in them and in their abilities to move mountains.  Thank you for trusting me; it is a privilege I do not take lightly.  I intend to make their education relevant, meaningful, and personal.   

You may contact me by phone at 308.672.2724 to text or via mail to sherdt@sbps.


Mrs. Sue Herdt   :)