Administrative Positions

  • Mike Halley SHS Groundbreaking Opportunities for leadership extend far beyond the traditional roles of many school districts and extend to positions that provide important career options for SBPS educators.

    It’s important, however, to begin with our principals and assistant principals because it is these leaders who have the most profound influence on a school community. SBPS administrators are the best and have all led their school staffs to accomplish remarkable levels of achievement. As Jodi Benson, principal of  Lincoln Heights, a 2015 Nationally Recognized Distinguished Title School, observes, “Education begins with a sincere, deliberate commitment to the belief that all students can meet high academic standards, and as educators we have the ability and the responsibility to help every child reach their maximum potential.”

    These ideals are important drivers to all SBPS leaders – many of whom provide our most significant leadership in their roles, both formally and informally, outside of traditional confines. Some examples of positions that expand the “career ladder” for teachers include Content Area Specialist, Academic Coach, Technology Integration Specialist, Department Chairperson and Grade Level leader, Multi-Tiered System of Supports facilitator and “All Children Experience Success” (ACES) facilitator.  In addition to the support that these positions provide to all staff and students, we also are large enough to support classrooms with an Assistant Director of Student Services, a Communications Specialist and Director of Student Outreach.

    Additionally, SBPS is one of the few districts in our area that is large enough to offer assistant principal positions at the elementary level providing a great opportunity for on-the-job professional growth. And, new this year, SBPS is accepting applications from teachers who are interested in teaching college courses by gaining their Master’s Degree in their content areas. These teachers can apply for full compensation of all tuition costs.

     For a list of available administrative positions visit our Applitrack page by clicking HERE.