Extended Campus (online) Learning

  • chromebook SBPS will offer an extended campus online learning option for families who have COVID related family health issues or concerns.  SBPS is working with schools to develop the online program option for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. 

    Important features of this learning environment include:

    • Students must commit to participating in extended campus learning for 9 weeks at the elementary level and a semester at the middle and high school level. 
    • Extended Campus Learning will allow students to attend school from home, while accessing recorded lessons along with daily assignments in Seesaw (K-3) and Google Classroom (4-12). 

    • Daily attendance for each class will be based on the student’s completion and submission of assignments for the day.

    • Extended Campus learning is not self-paced and students are expected to complete all assignments according to the timeline established by the teacher. 

    • Students will still be required to attend the brick and mortar building for state testing in grades 3-12.

    • Standard grading expectations apply to all remote learning courses. 

    • 1:1 device access - the District will provide a Chromebook device to all students who do not currently have one issued to them.

    • The Parent/Guardian must provide adult supervision and support for young children to help them navigate the remote learning environment. 

    • Parent/Guardian is expected to ensure that the student follows all school policies and expectations for remote learning. 

    • The Parent/Guardian and student will need to maintain lines of communication (phone and email) with teachers and communicate any issues or questions promptly to the teachers.

    • The Extended Campus (online) program cannot be a partial day alternative.
    • Extended Campus Learning will begin August 24.

    • Middle School and High School Students who opt-in to Extended Campus Learning will be able to participate in activities where a remote option is possible (i.e. Club Meetings conducted over Zoom).

What Extended Campus (online) Learning looks like at each level

  • Elementary Online

    • Six “Model” teachers (one per grade level) will record one lesson each day and post it to Seesaw (K-3) and Google Classroom each day. They will share the record lessons with other grade level teachers across the district.

    • The regular classroom teachers will post all daily assignments in Google Classroom Seesaw (K-3) and Google Classroom each day and post the lesson recorded by the “Model” teacher for their grade. 

    • Online students will remain assigned to their home classrooms and school. The home classroom teacher will have a scheduled time to meet with remote students individually weekly. They will also be responsible for grading the assignments that online students complete.


    BMS and SHS Online

    • Each teacher will record one lesson each day and post it along with assignments to Google Classroom before the end of the day.