Military Service

SHS is proud to recognize the members of the Class of 2020 who have committed to Military Service

Message for Enlisted Seniors

  • The SHS staff and administration would like to thank our enlisted military students and to let them know that we are extremely proud we are of them. There is no greater honor than those that chose to serve our country for the many freedoms that we all enjoy. In light of these unusual circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 shutdown, we want to ensure that our military students are honored appropriately. On June 1st, SHS administration in collaboration with Scottsbluff Public Schools will determine a June 21st or July 25th graduation date. In the event that the graduation is postponed to July 25th. SHS will be hosting a virtual graduation for all of our students enlisting in the military on June 14th. We understand that this does not replace an in-person graduation, but we know that many of our enlisted students will be unable to attend a July 25th ceremony and we want to provide them with the graduation they have rightfully earned.


    SHS Administration