High School E-Learning Plan

  • SHS Grading and Reporting During E-Learning

    SBPS Goals During E-Learning
    ● Connecting teachers with students to maintain relationships and support social-emotional wellness during this challenging time. Student and staff well-being is our highest priority.
    ● Ensure all learners experience success within each subject/course. We are working to closely monitor and partner with learners and families to ensure support is in place.
    ● Providing learning opportunities connected to essential state standards to prevent learning loss.
    ● Ensure all students have equitable access to learning opportunities.
    ● Provide training and support to teachers and administrative staff with tools and techniques to successfully facilitate learning opportunities remotely.

    Extended Supports for Students
    ● SBPS plans to provide summer school either face to face or remotely to support students who are performing below grade level or are credit deficient. The service delivery model will be determined by the status of the Coronavirus restrictions. SHS is willing to provide extended learning opportunities to meet student needs.
    ● Students that were failing or deficient in credits at the end of the 3rd quarter, will have every opportunity to receive support and raise their grades to passing through fourth quarter E-learning.
    ● SHS will provide credit-earning opportunities for high school seniors to graduate on time.
    ● If students remain engaged during this unique situation and put forth effort, they will be able to move on academically and graduate on time.
    ● Teachers have scheduled a minimum of one class period a day for office hours through Zoom and have posted the URL link through Google Classroom, email, or Remind and have placed their time on the shared Google Calendar. This allows time for students to ask questions and gain support.
    ● Support Classes (9-12), tutoring and other interventions as needed will be in place during the fall semester.

    Grading and Reporting Guidelines for E-Learning
    ● Second Semester 2019-2020 Grades will not count toward any student’s GPA or Class Rank.
    ● Students can use one of the following three options to determine their second semester grades:
    1. Take the grade they earn based upon their total combined body of work
    ■ Grades go into Daily Assignments (30%) category
    ■ The Assessment Category (70%) can be used in order to improve, not hinder, student grades.
    2. Take a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory in place of a letter grade.
    ■ Students should be aware that taking a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grade may impact future post-secondary opportunities.
    3. Students that may be facing extenuating circumstances during this time may have the opportunity to freeze their grade(s) at the end of the third quarter as their final semester grade(s). This will need to be approved by the SHS administration and some examples may include:
    ■ Lack of access to Internet
    ■ Lack of technology
    ■ Serious Personal or Family Illness
    ■ Other items deemed as extenuating by the SHS Administration
    ● Dual Credit Courses - Dual credit courses will follow the grading requirements and credit decisions of the parent college.
    ● Internship/Work Study/Discontinued Courses (ie. Fullen) - Grades will be frozen at the end of the third quarter.