Elementary E-Learning

  • As of Monday 4/6/20, all elementary e-learning lessons will be distributed via Remind by your individual classroom teacher.  If you have questions or did not receive your materials email your child's classroom teacher. 

Elementary E-Learning Plan

  • SBPS Goals During E-Learning

    ● Connecting teachers with students to maintain relationships and support social-emotional wellness
    during this challenging time. Student, staff and community well-being are our highest priorities..
    ● Ensuring all learners experience success within each subject/course. We are working to closely monitor
    and partner with learners and families to ensure support is in place.
    ● Providing learning opportunities connected to essential state standards to prevent learning loss.
    ● Ensuring all students have equitable access to learning opportunities.
    ● Providing training and support to teachers and administrative staff with tools and techniques to
    successfully facilitate learning opportunities remotely.

    Extended Supports for Students
    ● SBPS plans to provide summer school either face to face or remotely to support students performing
    below grade level or credit deficient. This will be determined by the status of the Coronavirus
    ● Target Time (K-5), Support Classes (6-8), tutoring and other interventions as needed will be in place
    during the fall semester.

    Grading and Reporting Guidelines for E-Learning Elementary

    The district will be implementing the following practices for Elementary Students (Grades K-5):

    ● In SBPS elementary schools, we have a standards-based grading system that records the students’
    progress toward essential standards. We will continue to provide students standards-based learning
    opportunities from now through the end of the 2019/2020 school year.
    ● Elementary teachers will be gathering/sharing feedback and progress to families as well as monitoring
    the participation and completion of activities.
    ● On the final report card, students will receive an ‘S’ for satisfactory participation, an “I” for inadequate
    participation, or “NT” for not tested relative to each standard. This will not have a negative impact on
    the student’s promotion to the next grade.