• Please refer to this page for all E-Learning materials that your student will need in the coming weeks. I will update this page every Friday with new content for your students to access as well as directions for how to access the content.

    • The E-Learning file attached will provide one lesson for each curricular area for each day of the week. As such there are approximately 20 lessons for each week that we would like for your students to complete. Your student simply needs to click the link to open the Nearpod lesson and begin working through it. These lessons can be accessed on any mobile device, laptops, tablets, and I believe even video game consoles provided the device has access to the internet.
      • It will ask your students to enter their name and there is an optional name box as well. For the purpose of keeping our students organized, I would prefer if they entered their first and last name in the "Name" box and enter Longfellow in the "Optional" box.
      • I would encourage your student to be patient and work at a reasonable pace through the lessons for each week. Next week I may start with working for 30 minutes, then taking a short break and coming back to the lessons. The last thing I want is for your student to feel overwhelmed with the amount of work we are sending out. I truly believe your student is capable of working through all of the assignments during the week. Take some time today to familiarize yourself with the assignment document and talk to your student about setting some expectations for completing the work each week. As always, if you have any questions, please let me know!