• America in the 1960's                                                                                           Mr. Largo

    The Way  We  Were

    Each of you knows someone who was around in the 1960s.  Find someone that you can talk with and ask them the following questions.  These are only a guide for the interview; feel free to ad lib as much as you wish and ask about anything that comes to mind.

    When your interview is complete, compile the answers to the questions in written form to be graded and prepare to share your findings with the class.  If the person has some momento from the era they are willing to share, please feel free to bring it.  The project is due Friday 13 November 2020. 

    Above all, have fun learning about the way we were! 

    1]         Where were you when you heard the news of John F. Kennedy’s assassination?  What was your reaction?  What was the reaction of those around you? 

    2]         What do you remember about the music of the time?  Who were your favorites? Were there any artists or groups that you did not like? 

    3]         What were your favorite TV shows?  What ones were the worst? 

    4]         What were your favorite movies?  What ones were the worst?  Do you remember Drive-In movies?  If so, what do you remember about them? 

    5]         Where did you go to school?  What was your school like?  Was there a dress code?  If so, what was it?   What classes did you take?  What was discipline like?  Was your high school campus open or closed? 

    6]         What did you do for recreation? 

    7]         What do you remember about cars that were popular in the sixties? 

    8]         Where were you on July 20, 1969; the day we landed on the moon?  What do you remember about that day? 

    9]         What do you remember as the other big events of the decade? 

    10]       What do you remember about the Vietnam War?  Did you or someone you know participate in the war?  What impact did the war have on you? 

    11]       How would you compare the sixties to today?