• International Relations                                                                                                  Mr. Largo
    One Semester – Five Credits

    Course Description:
    This course will cover the relationship between the United States and the nations of the world. Our
    primary focus will be to try to understand why relations between nations are the way they
    are and how they evolved into their present state. We will study, in depth, several major
    units, based on class interest. Current affairs will be an integral part of the class. With this
    in mind, should a major crisis develop somewhere in the world during the semester, you can
    count on studying that crisis in class.

    Course Objectives:

     To gain an awareness for current events and their historical perspective
     To study the foreign policy making process of the United States and other major
     To examine how the present system of alliances came into being and why it has
    evolved over time
     To obtain background knowledge of the history and culture of other people
     To analyze possible foreign policy alternatives to current problems
     To explore the interdependence of the nations of the world and to see how the United
    States fits into the world scheme

    Course Requirements and Expectations:
    This course will be taught, for the most part, through a lecture format. However, you will be
    expected to participate in a number of ways throughout the semester. Among those
    expectation are to:
    1] listen during the portion of the class when either the instructor or another student is
    2] critically view video material
    3] respect the rights of others
    4] be prepared for many exams, quizzes and other types of projects
    5] be prepared to make oral presentations to class
    6] be prepared to work independently, as well as in groups, on various projects
    7] be responsible for getting all written projects turned in on the day that they are due.
    A ten percent [10%] deduction will be made from the final grade for each day an
    assignment is late. If more points are taken form a paper due to lateness than the
    paper is worth, the surplus deduction will be subtracted from accumulated points.
    8] be on time to class. Arriving ten minutes after the tardy bell has rung will
    constitute an absence.
    9] be prepared to read materials distributed throughout the semester. Always be
    prepared to be tested over these readings.

    10] be prepared to work in class on the topic of the day. This will entail having a pen or
    pencil, paper and any reading materials required for the day. You should not expect
    to borrow materials from your classmates. If you are unable to obtain a pen, pencil
    or paper, contact me and I will be glad to provide loaners. As we may conclude the
    semester with a comprehensive final exam, it would be an excellent idea to have
    some sort of binder for holding your notes and other class materials.
    11] Any assignments submitted via the internet need to be sent in Microsoft Word format
    to the e-mail address below.

    The following items should be borne in mind throughout the semester to ensure your academic
     Exams and quizzes will be announced far enough in advance to give you plenty of
    time to prepare for them.
     Retakes: In the unlikely event that you score below a 60% on and exam or quiz, you
    may retake the assessment. In order to qualify for the retake you must [a] complete
    the Retake Ticket for the unit [b] schedule a time to go over the Retake Ticket with
    me and [c] complete the exam/quiz retake on your own time. You will be given the
    better of the grades on the assessment. In the case of current events quizzes, a make-
    up quiz will be available should you need to take one.
     Make-up work is your responsibility. If you are gone only the day of the test or quiz,
    plan to take the assessment the next day, when you return to class. This is the only
    time you will be allowed to utilize class time to complete the work. If you choose
    not to take the make-up at that time, you will have to come in before or after school
    or during an open hour to complete the work. If at all possible, complete all make-
    up work within a week. The longer you wait to complete the work, the more likely it
    will be that your memory will fade.

     The following grading scale will be used to determine grades for the semester:

     90 - 100 = A
     80 - 89 = B
     70 - 79 = C
     60 - 69 = D
     59 and below = F

     Your average will be available on Infinite Campus as well as on your paper when we
    go over the assessment in class.

    If you need help at any time throughout the semester, please feel free to contact me. I am here
    early in the morning and am also available after school. I will be more than happy to assist
    you in any way that I can. Should you need to communicate with me outside of the school
    day, my school e-mail address is: glargo@sbps.net


    Have a great semester!