• America in the 1960s                                                                                               Mr. Largo


     -  Special  Projects  -


    Each of you will have the opportunity to work on two special projects this semester.  The choices are listed below and are intended to give you the greatest possible flexibility in what you do.  If you have another idea you would like to pursue, please feel free to let me know and we can, hopefully, work something out.  You will need to choose two [2] of these projects.  While Monday, November 23 is the due date, feel free to turn them in early if you finish early.

    Fashion:  You can write a paper dealing with the changes in fashion [including hair styles and make-up] during the decade.  You could also do a photo album of styles for men and women or even make some vintage clothing of your own and model it for the class.  Another component of this project could be a discussion of school dress codes during the period.

    Music:  Delve into a particular artist or genre of music.  For example, you could do a collection of anti-war music, movie theme songs, African-American artists [Motown], etc.  To accompany any CD that you burn, please include a short paper on why you chose the songs you did and how they relate to the decade.

    Vietnam:  Here you could do an oral history.  Find a veteran and interview him/her and prepare a written summary of the interview.  Questions would be provided.

    Newspapers:  Choose five or six major events from the decade and find out what newspapers were writing about the story at the time.  Contrast the coverage with what we now know about the event.  What, if anything, happened to change the view presented on the day of the story?

    Movies:  Choose three or four major movies from the decade.  Critique them with an eye toward how they meshed with the Hayes Code and how they were influential during the decade.  A copy of the Hays Code will be provided.  You will need to watch a minimum of three movies for this project.

    Book Review:  Read a book written during the decade, either a novel or a work of non-fiction.  Critique the book, discussing the author, the content and trying to decide what made the book significant to the decade.  I will provide a format sheet to help you with this option.  Please clear your book title with me before you start reading it.

    Women’s Issues:  The roles of women changed dramatically during the period.  You could research those changes and show how they impact American society today.

    Cars:  Muscle cars, economy cars, Unsafe At Any Speed - - - there is almost no limit to the changes in the automobile industry in the 1960s.  Here is a chance to indulge an interest in cars by working on a project that is auto related.

    Camelot vs. Kennedy:  Watch the movie, analyze the plot lines and see if there are significant correlations between the Arthurian myth and the Kennedy years.

    Photojournalism:  Newspapers and magazines of the period are filled with photographs that helped shape the nation.  Browse old magazines, newspapers or the photo collection at the National Archives [online], choose some memorable photographs from the period and prepare a paper to explain why you thought your choices were important.

    Television:  The Sixties would see a tremendous change in viewing habits.  Talk to a few people who were around then, find out what they liked and, if at all possible, watch a few of those shows.  Prepare a paper dealing with what you saw, what you thought of it and how you would compare television then with television now.

    Letters from the PresidentChoose one of the presidents from the decade and write at least 5 letters to citizens explaining/discussing goals, challenges, problems, events, etc. from your administration. 

    MagazinesIf you can find some magazines of the period, take a look at them.  What products were being advertised?  What topics were being covered?  Did you detect any evidence of bias [racial or sexual] in the articles?  What were the photographs/illustrations like?  How did the magazines seem to fit with your knowledge of the decade?  How would you compare the contents of sixties magazines to those of today?

    Options, Options, OptionsWhile several of the possible projects indicate a paper is required, that is not necessarily the case.  I want you to be as creative as you want to be.  You can do a power point presentation, a video, a CD, a play, whatever you think will work to communicate your message.  Think outside the box . . . engage your creativity . . . this is your project, present it in your way.

    Grading criteria will depend on the project chosen.  Each project will carry a maximum point value of 100 points.  The due date for the project is indicated below.

     If you choose to write a paper on any of these topics, you must provide a bibliography of sources for your information.  If you chose to do a research paper style project, that paper must be a minimum of three pages in length.

    Academic IntegrityYour work should be just that, yours.  Any instances of plagiarism will result in a zero [0] being awarded for your lack of effort and academic integrity.


                            Monday                                 23 November 2020