• America in the 1960s                                                                                                                       Mr. Largo


    -  -  The  Decade  in  Music  -  -

    Most days during the remainder of the semester we will listen to at least one of the top fifteen hits from the decade, beginning with 1960 and concluding with 1969.  As you listen to the music, please consider the following questions:  

    • How did the music change during the decade?
    • What social factors do you think were responsible for the change[s]?
    • What constants were present in the music of the decade?

    At the end of the semester you will prepare a two page [minimum; typewritten, double-spaced] paper answering these questions.

    I would suggest you make a list of the songs you hear throughout the semester and that you refer to some of them as you write your paper.  The most effective papers on this topic are those that cite artists and songs that exemplify the changes and/or constants.

    The paper is worth seventy points and is due on the date listed below.  As the project is due very near the end of the semester,



               Friday                11 December 2020