LEARNING WITHOUT LIMITS: How to explore, engage in, and experience your own education . . .

  • CHOICES is an opportunity for students to take a very active role in their education.  Here, in Rooms 109 & 111 at Scottsbluff High School, we provide a holistic approach to learning by teaching STUDENTS not just subjects.  From an inclusive, independent, and broad career academy, students learn their curricular core and more.  

    CHOICES is a holistic academy for taking an active role in life with a . . . 

    • smaller, close-knit setting with two core teachers within the mainstream
    • supportive environment where students bond and focus on responsibility for self & accountability to others AND academics
    • numerous opportunities for practical application of learning beyond the classroom camping intensive ----- job shadows ----- college & industry tours ----- volunteer service ----- internships ------ formal dinner theatre ----- daily advisory block ----- great class discussions ----- alternate assessment methods

    Become an activie participant in your own education -- join CHOICES!  

    Participatintg students have nothing to lose and everything to gain:  take preferred electives, participate in all school activities, develop a strong growth mindset, move forward in attaining your goals, build your college & career resume, become th best version of yourself.

    Personally and professionally speaking, CHOICES is the vessel within which students & staff take an incredible journey toward becoming our best selves. EVERYday we are here to face challenges, accept responsibilities, overcome obstacles, and surpass expectations.  We are here for each other and for ourselves.  We are CHOICES; can you hear our voices!


    • We are accepting applications in October and December. 
    •                                                                          Please contact Mrs. Herdt or Mr. Brening.