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  • Sixpence  Sixpence Home Visitors are here to guide you in being your child’s first teacher. By understanding what to expect during each stage of your child’s development, parents can easily capture the teachable moments in everyday life. These moments enhance your child’s language development, intellectual growth, social development and motor skills.

    Activities that encourage bonding between parent and child will take place through visits held in the comfort and privacy of your home. These educational activities can help your child develop skills for a successful transition into preschool.

  • Eligibility

    If you live in the Scottsbluff School District, have a child aged from birth to three (or you are pregnant), and you meet one of the requirements listed below, you may be eligible for the Sixpence Program.

    • Teen parent
    • Have not completed high school
    • English is your secondary language
    • Family income qualifies for free or reduced school lunches
    • Child born premature
    • Single Parent
    • Ward of the State 



    Developemental Screening

    Developmental screening assessments are made on an ongoing basis in order to ensure your baby is on the right track developmentally.  Home Visitors are trained to answer questions or make referrals to address any concerns you may have regarding the development of your child.

    Connection to Community Resources

    We can support you in meeting personal goals for your family and child.  Home Visitors can help link families to other community resources.

    Home Visits 
    You will receive 3-4 one hour visits per month from a Home Visitor who will work alongside of you, developing activities you can do with your child to encourage and stimulate his or her development.  Your Home Visitor can provide information on what to expect next with your child’s development, share resources and support healthy parenting practices.
    Monthy Family Socialization Activities
    Families are provided with opportunities for interaction based learning through monthly events and group socializations with other families.  Home Visitors will support you and your child in this educational experience by facilitating shared experiences with other families.