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My name is Hellen Jimenez and I am married to Manuel Jimenez. He is a state trooper and works for the Nebraska State Patrol. We have two children: a 7th grader named Joshua who loves music and sports and an 11th grader named Javier who loves music. We also have a golden retriever named Max. It is quite a challenge keeping up with my awesome family and all 700+ students, but I love it. 

Welcome back! I am so excited about the 2018-2019 school year. I am starting my second year as a teacher/librarian. I have been taking classes over the summer and even during the school year to become an even better teacher/librarian.  I am excited about the new books we have in the library. I am looking forward to the activities we will do this year and even more so I am looking forward to spending time with all my students. Since I am at Longfellow AND Lincoln Heights that is around 700 names I have to learn. I AM learning them though. 

Please feel free to pop in and introduce yourself anytime at either library. I'd love to meet you! 

Class Expectations

  • Library time is one of the best things we can offer kids and I have the opportunity to read to kids every day. I love that part of my job. I am trying very hard to model our school library after the public library. I don't expect students to remain silent, but they must control their volume. There will also be no running. 

    If a student is struggling to stay in control they get a verbal warning. If the problem persists, I write their name down. If it still continues, they will get a checkmark by their name. That means they will have to come see during their recess and fill out a reflection sheet. 

    The other expectation in library is ethical handing of technology. We will be learning about internet safety and how to use technology. Students will be given adequate time to explore different technologies and websites. However, should they misuse the technology, their opportunities will be revoked for a period of time. 

    The last thing you need to be aware of is checkout and book care. Students will be checking out books to bring home. They will be responsible for taking care of the books and returning them to the library. Please try to help your child find a place to keep their books from harm. Help them be responsible in returning them as well. If they forget to bring them on a library day, they can return them the next day. Overdue fines are not automatically assessed. I will take our unconventional schedule into account. Also, if they continue to have a book missing, I will call home and make sure you are aware first and give you the opportunity to find the book first.My main goal is to keep the books coming in and going out. 


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