Shout Outs



    Wow! 26 people checked out Machu Pichu! That's a lot of shout outs! I hope you guys are enjoying seeing new places and learning about them. I'm impressed with the amount of detail some of you are putting into these. I know that some of the things it is asking are kind of hard for some of you. Good job to some of my first graders giving it a try! I hope you know how much fun it is for me to see your results! 

    Since it is our last week of e-lessons, my shout out this week goes to parents!  I just want to say thank you! I know this was probably not an easy transition for any of you. Thanks for teaching your children perseverance and grit through this process. You have been positively amazing! 

    I still miss you all and wish I could be reading my favorite book to you!

    Mrs. Jimenez 

Class Expectations


    Class expectations have changed drastically of course. So here's just 1 tip. Keep track of your library books. You will need to return them eventually. Have a special spot to store them when you are finished reading them. Remember, a good book can always be reread.